Cacao Facilitator Training Retreat

May 31st – June 2nd 2024

I’m pleased to announce that my 4th cacao facilitator training retreat is coming up in May this year, creating space for 10 lucky people to participate in this life-changing retreat.

Not only will we learn the art of brewing and serving cacao, the medicine of Love, but we will also learn all about running circle and other healing rituals.

Every day we will drink ceremonial cacao at ceremonial doses (42-45gm) so that we start to develop a relationship with Mamma Cacao and start to experience the blessings She brings us. We will feel her open our hearts and get out of our critical minds to open, unfurl, allow ourselves to be seen, and to heal.

The cacao we will be drinking originates in Guatemala, sources from a beautiful community that benefits from the relationship my supplier has with them. Profits go back to the community to help build homes and community centres.

During the retreat we will learn so much about the different ways we can run circle and other cacao-centred offerings. We will also learn about how to facilitate drum journeys to other realms, run healing rituals, facilitate ecstatic dance, and hold space for this type of work. Cacao will underpin all aspects of the retreat, ensuring you understand just how important it is to respect the medicine and come from a place of respect. We are very blessed to have access to this incredible medicine and our rituals and ceremonies must reflect this, with gratitude being central.

During the retreat you will have an opportunity to learn by demonstration, but also by “doing”. EVERYTHING I do during the 3 days is a teaching, from how I open circle to how I sing to the cacao and more! I utilise the 23 years experience I have as a facilitator and teacher, my 5 years in an ayahuasca apprenticeship, and my 12 years running ritual and ceremony to ensure that you get to learn a variety of practices that underpin your work, ensuring your work has a strong sense of integrity and respect for the medicine.

During the 3 days you will get to drink cacao 2-3 times, experience ecstatic dance and breakthrough breathwork, learn how to run a mother blessing ceremony that can easily be adapted to suit papas and other rites of passage, learn how to run a drum journey and facilitate The Seeding, a rite of passage healing ritual that is powerful and deep. Amidst all that there is additional learning around making money, creating offerings, a chance to go for a swim in the chlorine free pool, and enjoy a fire under the stars.

By the end you will have developed a relationship with cacao that will put you in good stead for expanding your work with Mamma Cacao, where what you decide to bring to the world is limited only by your imagination. Given the opportunity to brain-storm with other participants, you will dream up a plethora of wonderfully creative offerings with cacao at the centre. And because we address money and blocks to earning good money doing this work, the days of doing things for free or minimal money will be well and truly over!

And if you want extra support after the retreat to ensure you birth your ideas, we can set up some 1-1 mentorship sessions where I help you stay focused to ensure that you bring your gifts to this world…..because we need as many light workers as we can get, and with cacao on your side, you are blessed by this medicine of love!

For more information check out

Payment plans available so just reach out. Plus it’s tax deductible and I also give each participant a 450gm bag of cacao that they can use to run an event, generating upward of $500, so the retreat almost pays for itself!

So come play with us and cacao, The Medicine of Love and allow your life to be changed forever!

Love Gypsy

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Sacred Roots:Tribal Gathering

Hello beautiful people, it’s been a LONG time since I was on here! Living life (with cancer) has taken priority over staying up-to-date with my socials – I am sure you will forgive me!!

I am pleased to announce that I am continuing on with my collaborative work with Naomi from Roots of the Earth Healing as our Tribal Gathering events have been stunning. We have mixed cacao with breathwork, ecstatic dance and circle to create a beautiful, sober night of self care in the Inner West. The aim is to co-create community and “tribe” in the Inner West by bringing transformative events to the area. Our next event on Saturday 10th December will be our third of four, and we are happy to be offering “super early bird” tickets until the 12th November, for a discounted price of $65 – that’s a $30 saving.

Information and tickets can be found here

Here’s what someone had to say about last week’s event:

So if you live in the Inner West or are prepared to travel, please join us. The breathwork has been transporting people to incredible places, and the ecstatic dance has provided the opportunity to dance our prayers, releasing anything that arose in the breathwork session prior. Circle has been deepening each month and is revealing some really beautiful expressions.

We are hoping to slowly build community so if being real, authentic and vulnerable floats your boat, then jump on in and join us. We also have a Facebook group that is growing each month, a space to connect outside of the events.

If money is a barrier please reach out via 0406 502 715.
And don’t miss out on one of ten super early bird tickets – it’s quite the saving!
In love, trust and gratitude,

Gypsy and the Sacred Roots team xx

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The Deepening mixed gender circle is back!

A sacred space for women & men
to come together in circle to deepen connection to 
Self, Other, Mother Earth & Great Spirit.

“It is time for us to stop merely gathering 
separately in “women’s” circles & “men’s” circles.
It is time to bring the divine, healing 
& healed feminine & the divine, 
healing & healed masculine together 
so that we can share our 
gifts, grow & explore, & together, 
create a new paradigm for 
interconnection, love & relationship”

The Deepening Central Coast is in its 5th year of operation, in it’s new venue, The Embrace Wellness Holistic Hub at 2/11–13 Cochrone St, Kincumber NSW 2251. We are running on the 4th Wednesday of the month, arriving at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. DOORS CLOSE AT 6.25pm so please be on time.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 12322552_10153146982652001_4791327959490237667_o-1024x683.jpg

This year we are making breathwork an integral part of our offerings on a fairly regular basis, as well as offering sacred chocolate – cacao – at every circle, to help us get out of our critical minds, and into an expansive heart space. Both of these elements help us open up to ourselves and others, and make for a deeply transformational time together.

For our AUGUST event, we will be drinking cacao and discussing all things SUCCULENT! Think desire, pleasure, bliss and all things sexy. The topic was borne out of a question posed by a group member in the July circle. So no breathwork in August – cacao + sharing circle. It’s going to be delicious! Please purchase your ticket as we are limiting tickets to 18 to allow enough time for everyone to share.

We’ve been off-line for a few years whilst I learned to live with my (apparently) terminal cancer diagnosis, so I am feeling so very blessed to be well enough to be bringing this offering to my community once again. The Deepening is one of my favourite offerings, and I am so glad to be back!

Will you be joining us? Some of the original Deepening crew will be present over the coming months, as well as some fresh faces from the Embrace community. It will be so beautiful to merge the old with the new and create some fresh magic!

Tickets and details for August are available here

So for some cacao + juicy sharing circle, come join us!

Any questions? 0406 502 715

Love Gypsy and The Deepening Team xxx

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Exciting new collaboration: Sacred Roots

I am so pleased to announce that Sacred Hunger is joining forces with Naomi from Roots of The Earth to bring you a cacao, Breathwork, ecstatic dance and circle extravaganza on Saturday 13th August in the inner west (Newtown/Annadale area).

Here at Sacred Hunger we love working with other like-minded and like-hearted individuals who have the same passion for life-changing events and offerings, especially those involving Cacao. The collaboration was born from a recent cacao retreat that I ran, and it feels so aligned and so very “right”.

For further info about this incredible event, check out We are filming the event for promotional purposes so it is reduced from $95 down to $65 as a one-off offering. Don’t miss out as subsequent events will be full price at $95 for four and a half hours of transformational self care!

We cannot wait to kick off this amazing event and hope that you can join us!

In love and gratitude,

Gypsy and the Sacred Roots team

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Autumn update

Hello beautiful community,

It is with joy in my heart that I can announce that I am again well enough to do the work that I love most in the world! It’s been a crazy bumpy ride since my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in September of 2019, but I am here in this NOW moment feeling better than I have since diagnosis, with multiple hospital stays well behind me and wellness currently coursing through my veins!

It’s true, I cannot work as much as I used to, and cancer has been a great teacher regarding what is most important in life, so I’m back with just a few most loved offerings such as The Deepening, medicine drum making, and the occasional self pleasure circle. Just before diagnosis I was about to rebrand my entire business, taking a tantric slant, but that is now on the back burner…well, off the table, more to the point…and we are left with my most meaningful offerings that bring me the most joy.

Details about The Deepening can be found under the “offerings” tabs, and drum making happens as people need it i.e. I do NOT schedule workshops and then find people. People find me and then I schedule workshops around them. So if this interests you, please send me an sms – 0406 502 715 – and we can get that ball rolling. Winter is the best time to make drums and I currently have 3 hoops and 3 skins available, so let me know if you are keen, I would absolutely LOVE to birth a drum with you.

In case you aren’t aware, I have been helping people make amazing medicine drums since 2013, and this is one of my greatest passions. I’m almost certain I must have made drums in a past life as the process has always come naturally to me and it brings me so much joy. I actually feel privileged to guide people on this journey. For more details please just reach out.

So that’s it for me, for now. I hope that we get to meet in the flesh sometime soon, if we haven’t already.

Oh hang on! One more offering I forgot about!! A DEATH CAFE on Sunday 7th August for Dying To Know Day which falls on Monday 8th August. Tickets and FAQs are here

In love and gratitude for this incredible thing we call Life!

Gypsy xxx

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Medicine Drum Making workshop UPDATE

Hello beautiful tribe,

As many of you know, I am journeying with “The Great Awakener” AKA metastatic breast cancer in these days, and the only aspects of my work that I am continuing with are drum making and self pleasure circles, so I thought it best I write with an update!

Medicine Drum Workshops now take place with a beautifully intimate group of 2-3 instead of groups of 10. I no longer set dates and then find the people. Instead I wait for someone to contact me, and then we set dates and invite another into the process to work with 2-3 drum makers. This ensures quality 1-1 support and the production of amazing medicine tools. I still work in the same way, starting with your birth…..but we can speak about that once you reach out and make contact.

My suppliers have changed and I now work solely with kangaroo which makes much more sense to me, as well as a beautiful female hoop maker ensuring our hoops are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. My costs have thus gone up from the prices I was paying 9 years ago. Again, we can discuss this when you reach out as payment plans are always available.

Winter and the cooler months are the best for making drums, so be sure to reach out sooner rather than later if you are feeling to birth your own stunning drum. I’ve been at it for 9 years now, so you are guaranteed to produce an amazing, tight, high performance drum.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Love Gyps

0406 502 715 |

PS Please note we do not lace in the manner featured in these photos. We use a much tighter weave style!

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The Deepening

A sacred space for women & men
to come together in circle to deepen connection to
Self, Other, Mother Earth & Great Spirit.

“It is time for us to stop merely gathering
separately in “women’s” circles & “men’s” circles.
It is time to bring the divine, healing
& healed feminine & the divine,
healing & healed masculine together
so that we can share our
gifts, grow & explore, & together,
create a new paradigm for
interconnection, love & relationship”

The Deepening Central Coast is in its third year of operation, and the final gathering of 2018 saw us catapulted into a new way of being in this beautifully held, sacred space.

We found ourselves opening further…deepening…connecting in ways that we have not before. There was MAGIC and WONDER and genuine, deep enquiry.

We experienced vulnerability…authenticity…POLARITY! It really was amazing. 13 brave open-hearted souls showing up, for themselves and all their relations!

2019 sees us in a great new venue at Umina Beach Yoga (thanks Carloyn and Helen for the warm welcome and for “getting my work in the world!) and we are so excited to be back on track with regular monthly circles now that my son (aged 2) is more manageable and with his dadda regularly.

Have you grabbed your ticket?

Any questions? 0406 502 715

We gather this week Friday 8th February…6.30-9.30pm. See you there!

Love Gypsy and The Deepening Team xxx

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Shameless! Fully naked dinner

WOW! Our newest women-only offering is juicy!

Check it out via

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The Deepening mixed gender circle…and a general update

Wow! I haven’t been on here for just over 2 years! Why? Because I had another bubba, without his daddy here to support me at home (though he was on the periphery, to a varying degree)! Two years on (he’s 2 years and 2 months old) things are now getting easier, and my lovely not-so-new man just said “you need to update your website”…so here I am 🙂

One of my passions, The Deepening, also fell by the wayside as I went into “survival” mode. However,  just yesterday I finally answered my community’s call, and scheduled a gathering for 29th November. Tickets and information can be found here

The last time we met and had a Family Deepening, it was soooo amazing….so many kids and mammas and pappas and well, “tribe”. How blessed we are as a community to be able to gather in this way.

Anyway, now that my son is getting bigger, work is getting easier, and I am better able to answer my Soul’s calling to this work.

I do hope you can join us,

Love and Blessings,

Gypsy and The Deepening Team


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A little update from me…

WOW! It’s been months since I last posted on here..and so much has happened! And is STILL happening.

I am pleased to say that I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy at the end of August. He’s now nearly 2 months old and an absolute delight!

Amidst the somewhat challenging pregnancy and unexpected emergency Caesar premature birth, we are still working!!! The Deepening has been running since May..and attendance and feedback has been great! We’ve had both women and men at every gathering!!! (Attached is the flyer however we are just about to schedule for 2017)

I am also still doing other work, such as assisting with some beautiful retreats in the mountains…continuing with my henna tattooing…and about to schedule some shamanic medicine drum making workshops for 2017. So we seem to have struck a balance between parenting and working with our community!

What’s in the pipeline:

  • cacao ceremonies
  • medicine drum making
  • weaving
  • The Deepening
  • ‘Whispers from the Womb’ women’s circle

If you’d like to go onto the mailing list please email me at

Blessings…and we hope to see you soon!

Gypsy xx

The Deepening

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