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Becoming A Woman – a gathering for Mammas & Maidens

A gathering for girls, pre menarche (onset of menstruation), or just ‘started’, with their mothers, to demystify the menstrual cycle & to learn about the physical & spiritual opportunities inherent in the female cycle.

We’ll learn all about the amazing connection between our daily & menstrual cycles, the seasonal & moon cycles, & our life cycles. We’ll also explore ways to acknowledge & honour these cycles in a healthy way.

This isn’t a sex-ed or physiology class! This work is deep, feminine-based wisdom that can provide a solid, grounded platform for our girls to begin the transition into womanhood. What a blessing!

Us mammas will firstly meet together to revisit and “re-claim” our menarche in preparation for sitting in circle with our beauty-ful Maidens the following day.

Mammas: Friday 15th January 2016, 7-9pm

Mammas and Maidens: Saturday 16th January 2016, 11am-2pm

Woy Woy | $100 per mamma-maiden couple which includes a light snack, tea & coffee and the book, “Becoming A Woman” by Jane Hardwicke-Collings

Tickets: becoming-a-woman-a-gathering-for-mammas-maidens-tickets-19053026114

Gypsy Artemis | Shamanic Midwife and Menstrual Educator | 0406 502 715 |

Becoming A Woman

Becoming A Woman