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Blessingways for mammas-to-be

Would you like to have a Blessingway or Mother Blessing ceremony instead of the usual “baby shower”?

Are your friends supportive of this but are not feeling quite confident enough to run it for you themselves? (And of course you simply CANNOT run it yourself as it needs to be “gifted” to you!)

I can help with this!

For a long time I simply attended Blessingways as the artist responsible for painting or henna tattooing the Mamma-to-be and her guests, but after seeing many hosts lacking the confidence to pull the event together, and also missing out on the ceremony because of their preoccupation with “hosting”, I decided to  formally add “Blessingway Facilitation” to my list of services. I was informally supporting the host anyway, but it quickly became apparent that offering a Blessingway Package was the best way forward for all involved. And it has become one of my favourite parts of my job!

“Rites of passage or initiations happen at various times of transformation in our lives. They happen whether we pay attention to them or not and serve their purpose of instructing and informing the initiate of their value and expected behaviour in their new role. The menarche (onset of menstruation), childbirth (for Mum and Dad) and menopause rites of passages are some of those too important to miss the chance they provide in welcoming, honouring and celebrating our journey through womanhood (and manhood)……Pregnancy and childbirth are hugely transformative experiences in our lives. They are our initiation into Motherhood (and Fatherhood), the summer of our lives. Each birth is a rite of passage…as we grow more babies so too do we.” Jane Hardwick-Collings

November 2014  saw me graduating from the amazing, year long, Sacred Feminine focused Four Seasons Journey (4SJ) with the School of Shamanic Midwifery, which is a beautiful “fit” in terms of further supporting and enhancing my Blessingway facilitation  services:

“A year long educational program, open to women of all ages and circumstance. The 4SJ offers students an in-depth opportunity to learn the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Midwifery, whilst cultivating a deep personal and spiritual connection with the Earth and the Divine Feminine. The curriculum is delivered via 6 face-to-face gatherings and 5 coursework modules (homestudy reading and preparation) and is intended to add to each student’s abilities as woman, mother, healer, midwife, doula, birthkeeper, the understanding and skills to work in the inner shamanic realms – midwifing transformation for themselves and others on their journeys. Focused on the shamanic perspective of cycles – of the Earth, Life, Moon and the menstrual cycle of Woman – the 4SJ prepares its students to become Shamanic Midwives – teachers and practitioners of the women’s mysteries, for their community and beyond, in the worthy mission of healing the wounded feminine, healing birth and healing the Earth.”

I am now into my fourth year of running Blessingways, and as my practice has evolved alongside my Shamanic Midwifery training, my ability to hold space has evolved. For example, I am now able to better frame the ritual amidst what we know about the importance of honouring rites of passages. As a result, the ceremony has become much more “entering into the ‘Mother’ life phase” focused. In other words, we focus on celebrating and farewelling the woman as we currently know her, as well as welcoming, celebrating and speaking to the “Mother” she is evolving into, and the “Mother” life phase she is about to enter.

If how our rites of passages are honoured in our communities really do teach us about the life phase we are entering into, and about the value of our new role, then this Blessingway ceremony speaks volumes to the mum-to-be, showering her in love, respect, gratitude, and support from her community.

The deal…

  • Facilitation and ‘holding’ of the ceremony from start to finish
  • Several rituals that bring a sense of focus and connectedness to the space
  • Henna art on Mamma
  • Up to 10/13/16* professional high resolution images capturing the essence of the day
  • Please call for further explanation of content

*a handful of the best images will be provided from the day. The number of images increase according to price bracket (see below). Shots with every guest are not possible in these packages. However, if you have additional photographic needs not met here, please let me know and I am sure we can make a plan!

I work closely with the Mamma-to-be and/or her friends to create a ceremony that is a true reflection of who She is, and what She envisions for her Birth.  I create a space where the Mamma and ALL of her guests can sit back and relax and fully participate and bring “presence” to the ceremony.

Cost: $350.00 for up to 15 guests, over 2.25 hours (witihin 30 Km radius of Ettalong, NSW)

Cost: $395.00 for over 15 – 25 guests, over 2.5 hours (witihin 30 Km radius of Ettalong, NSW)

Cost: $450 for 25-35 guests, up to 3 hours (witihin 30 Km radius of Ettalong, NSW)

Note: Costs include liaising with Mamma prior to the event (and afterwards if need be) set up and pack down time (usually an hour), the ceremony itself, and editing of photos (30-40 mins). If costs are not quite within your budget please call me to discuss where we could save on some costs.

What some Mammas-to-be have said about this package/service:

“Thank you so very much for guiding such a beautiful Blessingway last Saturday in celebration of my little bubba and my transition to motherhood. The ceremony was very touching and the more I have reflected on it since last weekend the more I have taken away from it. I feel that the ceremony has really empowered me to enter the birthing process with confidence in my ability and instincts as a woman to birth my baby in a positive way. It was beautiful to be surrounded by my ‘tribe’ of women, many of whom have been through this process before me and who I know will offer me support and guidance in the years to come. Thank you also for sending through the photos – they have captured the day beautifully and I will certainly be printing some of them as keepsakes from the day. p.s – my henna is only just starting to fade so it has been a lovely reminder all week of how special last Saturday was!! My obstetrician and his student midwife also loved it at my checkup earlier in the week!!” RG

“I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and wanted a special babyshower which had significance for my first pregnancy but to avoid cakes! I found Pinkled Tink on the internet and called up Gypsy and she was friendly, reassuring and took the time to explain about the traditions of the Blessingway. She was an excellent facilitator on the day and made it a very enjoyable and memorable experience for all especially for me. The Blessingway was absolutely fantastic celebration of pregnancy and delivery and prepared me for the big day. The energies and power from all the guests and from Gypsy helped me focus and concentrate on my labour. Gypsy is a brilliant artist and her henna creation was an absolute joy and very beautfiul way to celebrate the growing baby inside. I would highly recommend Gypsy and have been to friends and colleagues.” DD

“I enlisted Gypsy to adorn my belly with henna for my Blessingway ceremony.  After my initial enquiry Gypsy called me right away and we worked together to create a beautiful design for my belly. Even after a phone call and a few emails I felt completely at ease to allow Gypsy to work her magic and surprise me on the day with the design. It was Gypsy’s idea to incorporate a word from each of the women at the gathering, setting their intention for me and my birth journey, onto my belly. This beautiful ritual was really touching and turned out to be the highlight of the day. She even managed to capture all the magic moments in photos and chat with guests about her craft. The standard of the art-work, the service she provided and the joy she brought to the day was absolute value for money and I would recommend Gypsy to anyone considering something a little bit different, indulgent and special for their Blessingway. Her presence on the day made it a truly memorable occasion.”  CM

To see some of the images I have taken at Blessingways, see

My Blessingway Facilitation services extend to Sydney, The Central Coast, Hunter and Newcastle regions.  Note:  Travel exceeding a 30 km radius of Ettalong Beach may incur an additional travel fee.

Would you like the equivalent ceremony for your baby’s Dad, because this is a rite of passage for him too? We do “Father Rising” ceremonies too!

To make an enquiry or a booking please either call me on 0406 502 715 or via the contact tab. Please note: The REPLY email will come from

Blessed be your way!


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