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About Sacred Hunger

Sacred Hunger was founded in June 2013, by Gypsy Artemis (known at the time as Kim Ryder).  It was, back then, predominantly a private, not-for-profit enterprise with an End of Life and After Death focus.

On May 7th, 1997, Gypsy experienced a Near Death / Shamanic experience which resulted in her traveling to “the other side” and back.  This was essentially the first life-event to trigger a deep interest in death and dying, and lead to much questioning, research and exploration into NDE’s, the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Mahayana Buddhism, Vipassana Meditation, and the work of many other inspiring beings.

In April 2007, Gypsy’s mum received a terminal metastatic cancer diagnosis, and passed away 8 months later. Gypsy was her primary carer, and walked her Mamma fearlessly to her next adventure. This was Gypsy’s first death, and it both inspired and devastated her simultaneously. This was the second major life event to stir within her a passion for End of Life work.

Disappointed with the way “the system” and our culture does death, Gypsy has taken a leap of faith and jumped in to End of Life and After Death work, trusting wholeheartedly that her huge vision for changing our culture’s attitudes and approaches toward death, will eventually be fulfilled. Gypsy currently offers End of Life and After Death Education and Support Services on the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

You can learn a little more about Gypsy (AKA Kim Ryder) via a short SBS2 feature on The Feed:

Fast forward 18 months, and the business has evolved into a ‘ceremony and ritual’ based enterprise incorporating all rites of passage, from birth to death and everything in between! Got to love progress!


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