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Autumn update

Posted by on July 16, 2022

Hello beautiful community,

It is with joy in my heart that I can announce that I am again well enough to do the work that I love most in the world! It’s been a crazy bumpy ride since my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in September of 2019, but I am here in this NOW moment feeling better than I have since diagnosis, with multiple hospital stays well behind me and wellness currently coursing through my veins!

It’s true, I cannot work as much as I used to, and cancer has been a great teacher regarding what is most important in life, so I’m back with just a few most loved offerings such as The Deepening, medicine drum making, and the occasional self pleasure circle. Just before diagnosis I was about to rebrand my entire business, taking a tantric slant, but that is now on the back burner…well, off the table, more to the point…and we are left with my most meaningful offerings that bring me the most joy.

Details about The Deepening can be found under the “offerings” tabs, and drum making happens as people need it i.e. I do NOT schedule workshops and then find people. People find me and then I schedule workshops around them. So if this interests you, please send me an sms – 0406 502 715 – and we can get that ball rolling. Winter is the best time to make drums and I currently have 3 hoops and 3 skins available, so let me know if you are keen, I would absolutely LOVE to birth a drum with you.

In case you aren’t aware, I have been helping people make amazing medicine drums since 2013, and this is one of my greatest passions. I’m almost certain I must have made drums in a past life as the process has always come naturally to me and it brings me so much joy. I actually feel privileged to guide people on this journey. For more details please just reach out.

So that’s it for me, for now. I hope that we get to meet in the flesh sometime soon, if we haven’t already.

Oh hang on! One more offering I forgot about!! A DEATH CAFE on Sunday 7th August for Dying To Know Day which falls on Monday 8th August. Tickets and FAQs are here

In love and gratitude for this incredible thing we call Life!

Gypsy xxx

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