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Cacao Facilitator Training Retreat

Posted by on March 30, 2024

May 31st – June 2nd 2024

I’m pleased to announce that my 4th cacao facilitator training retreat is coming up in May this year, creating space for 10 lucky people to participate in this life-changing retreat.

Not only will we learn the art of brewing and serving cacao, the medicine of Love, but we will also learn all about running circle and other healing rituals.

Every day we will drink ceremonial cacao at ceremonial doses (42-45gm) so that we start to develop a relationship with Mamma Cacao and start to experience the blessings She brings us. We will feel her open our hearts and get out of our critical minds to open, unfurl, allow ourselves to be seen, and to heal.

The cacao we will be drinking originates in Guatemala, sources from a beautiful community that benefits from the relationship my supplier has with them. Profits go back to the community to help build homes and community centres.

During the retreat we will learn so much about the different ways we can run circle and other cacao-centred offerings. We will also learn about how to facilitate drum journeys to other realms, run healing rituals, facilitate ecstatic dance, and hold space for this type of work. Cacao will underpin all aspects of the retreat, ensuring you understand just how important it is to respect the medicine and come from a place of respect. We are very blessed to have access to this incredible medicine and our rituals and ceremonies must reflect this, with gratitude being central.

During the retreat you will have an opportunity to learn by demonstration, but also by “doing”. EVERYTHING I do during the 3 days is a teaching, from how I open circle to how I sing to the cacao and more! I utilise the 23 years experience I have as a facilitator and teacher, my 5 years in an ayahuasca apprenticeship, and my 12 years running ritual and ceremony to ensure that you get to learn a variety of practices that underpin your work, ensuring your work has a strong sense of integrity and respect for the medicine.

During the 3 days you will get to drink cacao 2-3 times, experience ecstatic dance and breakthrough breathwork, learn how to run a mother blessing ceremony that can easily be adapted to suit papas and other rites of passage, learn how to run a drum journey and facilitate The Seeding, a rite of passage healing ritual that is powerful and deep. Amidst all that there is additional learning around making money, creating offerings, a chance to go for a swim in the chlorine free pool, and enjoy a fire under the stars.

By the end you will have developed a relationship with cacao that will put you in good stead for expanding your work with Mamma Cacao, where what you decide to bring to the world is limited only by your imagination. Given the opportunity to brain-storm with other participants, you will dream up a plethora of wonderfully creative offerings with cacao at the centre. And because we address money and blocks to earning good money doing this work, the days of doing things for free or minimal money will be well and truly over!

And if you want extra support after the retreat to ensure you birth your ideas, we can set up some 1-1 mentorship sessions where I help you stay focused to ensure that you bring your gifts to this world…..because we need as many light workers as we can get, and with cacao on your side, you are blessed by this medicine of love!

For more information check out

Payment plans available so just reach out. Plus it’s tax deductible and I also give each participant a 450gm bag of cacao that they can use to run an event, generating upward of $500, so the retreat almost pays for itself!

So come play with us and cacao, The Medicine of Love and allow your life to be changed forever!

Love Gypsy

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