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Shameless! Fully naked dinner

Join us for an intimate women-only gathering where together we will release the shame that binds us.

Let us reclaim and celebrate all that we are!


* feel more confident?

* feel seen, held, and heard?

* recognise and celebrate your own innate beauty?

* feel the perfection in you?

Then SHAMELESS! Fully naked dinner is for you!

Yes, it’s a little ‘out there’ (perhaps!?)…but we believe that gently encouraging…or outright PUSHING ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone is where we grown the most!

Why naked?

Women, generally speaking, are plagued with negative body-image. If not now, then at some stage in their lives. And most women have something about their body they would like to change. Maybe a little thing they secretly wish would disappear or change…maybe a little something that doesn’t quite fit our culture’s idea of “beautiful”. Maybe some body part they have learned to live with, but by no means LOVE! Some of us hide away….do battle with the negative self-talk…learn to live with it….but really, we are all beautiful…we are all perfect…in every way! By being naked, we are allowing ourselves to be fully all the ways: physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally…as we leave ourselves little to hide behind. 

It is our wish, as experienced facilitators, to take you on a journey of firstly, COURAGE! Courage to say yes to the authentic, inner wild women who wants to let go…be seen…and fully embrace her awesomeness…the part of you who wants with all her heart and soul to stand on the edge and say YESSS! to this invitation…

We then want to take you on a journey of RELEASE. We will do that by slowly easing you in…with intimate processes that will help open your heart…whilst gradually removing each item of clothing…seeing and being seen simultaneously…gradually awakening to the beauty in EVERY woman present…especially YOURSELF

We will of course open circle and create a safe container for our unfolding. There will be time for sharing as a group…in smaller groups…time to speak whatever it is you need to let go of to claim your position amongst the SHAMELESS!

Time for reclaiming your POWER….your BEAUTY…YOU!!!!

We won’t say too much more except that a delicious gluten free vegan meal will be served, and this is an alcohol free event.


Q: If the thought of coming and being naked in a room full of women scares me, does that mean I shouldn’t come?

A: Hell no! It means you have found your edge and if you jump in, you are going to find some gold..conquer some fears…and no doubt re-write your script!

Q: Do I have to be naked?

A: Yes you do. But you don’t arrive naked..and it won’t be sudden! We’ll ease in, in a gentle supported fashion.

Q: What if I get emotional?

A: Awesome! That means you are being in your authenticity which is what this whole night is about! (Gypsy cries often! So if you happen to get teary, you’ll make her very happy!! )

Q: What if I am not sure about coming..but kind of really want to too?

A: Give us a call and let’s chat. But best buy your ticket now, because once you chat with us, you are going to want in!! 🙂

Q: What if I am bleeding on the night?

A: Give us a call and let’s chat. Rest assured we can accommodate your needs!

About the facilitators…

Gypsy Artemis……

This workshop literally came through me on a long drive to my beloved….after reflecting on my own journey with body-shame. Over the last few years I have gone from “not doing naked” to being a live yoni (vagina) model to being a freely-naked woman in the world. It’s been quite the transformation & I want that sense of freedom for other women – even if it’s a different version of how I take my own freedom & power into the world.

I see and hear women saying they have never seen another woman’s yoni (except in porn) and so never really know if how they look is “normal”. We seem to hide away the parts of us we don’t love…we hide our shame about not being good enough…beautiful enough…”too much” this…”not enough” that. It’s not just our yoni’s… It’s our breasts… our hips… our asses….our emotions…our needs…our POWER!

When are we going to release the shame and own our stunningly beautiful, womanly selves?! The answer? By the end of SHAMELESS! I can feel it in my bones. And I want to be a part of the SHAMELESS! revolution as we guide you back to your truest, most beautiful and powerful Self!

Lauren Monty…

I honestly believe there is so much power in releasing ourselves from the destruction and disconnection of shame. The cure? Allowing ourselves to step in to vulnerability and be seen – and what better way to move through the fear of vulnerability than to sit in the most epically vulnerable state we can be in… naked! 

I’ve had a huge journey with body shame throughout my life. I was so severely tormented in High School because of my weight that I ended up changing schools. That created deep wounds that were compounded with layer after layer of shame and self loathing from the brainwashing of our society telling us how we SHOULD look. 

I had the pleasure of attending a naked dinner in 2018 and it was such an incredibly liberating experience. There was so much fear leading up to the event – even on the train down to Sydney I was still in denial and kept turning to my bestie and saying “What are we doing??”

I was so scared about being the biggest girl there, I wasn’t so much concerned about judgement from others, I was more fearful of the self judgment that might come with internally comparing myself to the other women. But the most magical thing happened, within 20 minutes of us being naked together you kind of just forgot that everyone was naked. Not only that but the connection that came from stepping so deeply into vulnerability together was beyond anything I can explain in words. The sisterhood, the camaraderie, the unity, it was beautiful.

Our society has become so disconnected and I do believe that shame plays a huge role in that. Body shame is one of the major shame triggers across the board. We hide our shame and convince ourselves that we’re the only one who feels the way we do… but the amazing thing about sharing your vulnerability is that you soon realise we’re all the same. We’re all in this together and it’s time for us to feel free to be seen in our nakedness – physically, emotionally, spiritually. 

Healing occurs when we shine the light of consciousness on the perceived darkness within. And when that is witnessed by others in a sacred space the shift that takes place is profound and life changing!


GYPSY – 0406 502 715


LAUREN MONTY – 0405 625 560


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