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Dying To… workshops

“It was so sacred to be with our group last night, sharing as we did. What a wonderful thing you are doing for many people and I know there will be a ripple effect from this out into the world. I was really impressed with your facilitation skills, and the idea with the chimes to keep people on track, the talking heart and sensitively keeping us all to time. Especially with that subject, it would be so easy to get into great details and not benefit from all the wonderful things you were aiming to cover in each session. It was wonderful & enriching. Thank you.” S.K.

“Thanks for organising this interesting journey Kim. Last night has made me think  a lot more…. I would like death to be a respectful, funny, celebratory thing not what I’ve always imagined it or experienced. I would like to be ready to be with Mum and Dad when they die and make it special…” N.O. 


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