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Smudging Fans

These sacred objects have been created using found feathers. Where the actual animals have been known, a cleansing and blessing ceremony was carried out, and a promise made that it’s gift would be used to create objects used for pure, sacred work. If you are interested in purchasing one of these, I would thus ask that you continue to treat the item with respect, and honour the spirit that gifted it’s wings and energy to us.

I have used faux-leather where a leather-effect was required, so as to ensure that no animals where harmed to create the item. Also used are cotton, hemp, metal. Vessels to contain ancestor ashes or sacred Earth can be added to any item upon request.

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As these are one off items  listed in a few places, I will do my utmost to ensure the status of each item is kept up to date so as not to disappoint. To make a purchase, please call me to discuss your needs and arrange payment either by PayPal or electronic funds transfer.

With love, Gypsy | 0406 502 715

Humane Noisy Minor wing FRONT VIEW

Humane Noisy Minor wing with sea glass FRONT VIEWHumane Noisy Minor wing with sea glass FRONT VIEW


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