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Winter Shamanic Medicine Drum Making Workshop

Hello from the depths of the “almost” dark moon and Samhain!

After a lil bit of time away from website updating and instead, baby-growing (I am pregnant!), I am pleased to be writing with news of our final medicine drum making offering for 2016.

We will gather for the weekend of 11-12th June, on the beautiful Central Coast, and together, birth ourselves and our amazing winter drums into being.

This process is so incredible! I can’t even begin to explain. The drum itself is just a by-product of the delving into our hearts, minds and souls. It’s life changing!

The workshop is open to women and men and we encourage you to stay over with us the night (Saturday) and fully emerge yourself into the process.

Winter is a great time to birth a medicine drum because it will just get tighter over the summer months. Having said that, sometimes it doesn’t really matter much what season you make it in, or where, as the drum I made on country over the winter in the hot dry Kimberely (NT) works perfectly in the damp conditions of chilly Victoria!

So here’s the flyer. You know where to find me 🙂 Best to call! 0406 502 715

Blessings and gratitude,

Gypsy and Karl


Medicine Drum Making Workshop