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Blessing ways for Dads: The “Father Rising” ceremony

Traditionally in our Western culture, not a lot has been done by way of celebrating and honouring the journey of dads-to-be. To me and my baby’s Dad, that’s never felt quite right! In other cultures, however, there would have been initiations and ceremonies carried out for the woman AND the man…and rightly so!

On the day of my Blessingway, I insisted the ‘man folk’ got together and did something….ANYTHING!…to somehow honour Karl’s rite of passage. Thankfully they did, but it lacked structure and well thought out meaning. Though it was an honouring of some sort.

Four years on, finally the planets have aligned and we have developed a male-facilitated equivalent of the female “Blessingway”..and it’s not a day too soon! Drum roll please….Introducing the “Father Rising” ceremony for Dads-to-be. (insert applause!)

“Rites of passage or initiations happen at various times of transformation in our lives. They happen whether we pay attention to them or not and serve their purpose of instructing and informing the initiate of their value and expected behaviour in their new role. The menarche (onset of menstruation), childbirth (for Mum and Dad) and menopause rites of passages are some of those too important to miss the chance they provide in welcoming, honouring and celebrating our journey through womanhood (and manhood)……Pregnancy and childbirth are hugely transformative experiences in our lives. They are our initiation into Motherhood (and Fatherhood), the summer of our lives. Each birth is a rite of passage…as we grow more babies so too do we.” Jane Hardwick-Collings

The Father Rising ceremony will bring focus, honouring and celebration to this important rite of passage, combining heartfelt connection and masculinity within an earth-based framework. The ceremony will include working with nature based materials to create meaningful symbology and items to honour and welcome the initiate.

Not sure if this is for you? We can adapt and tailor-make the ceremony to meet your individual needs, so give us a call for a chat.

The deal…

2 or 2.5 hours attendance

  • Facilitation of the event from start to finish, which includes:
  • Welcoming your guests & introductions
  • Explanation of what the Father Rising ceremony is all about
  • “Holding” the space to ensure a sense of the sacred
  • “Birth and Fatherhood Wishes and Intentions” exercise/s and others as arranged
  • Joining Ceremony (twine on wrists)
  • Close ceremony

We will work closely with you, the Father-to-be, and/or your friends to create a ceremony that is a true reflection of who you are, and what you envision for your baby’s birth, & your own birthing into Fatherhood.  We create a space where you and your guests can sit back and relax, fully participate and bring “presence” to the ceremony.

Cost: $200.00 for up to 15 guests, over 2 hours (witihin 30 Km radius of Ettalong, NSW)

Cost: $225.00 for over 15 – 25 guests, over 2.5 hours (witihin 30 Km radius of Ettalong, NSW)

Deals are available when you book a Blessingway for Mum and a Father Rising for Dad. 

We are pleased to be able to offer these Blessingways for men – the Father Rising ceremony – in Sydney, The Central Coast, The Blue Mountains and Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions.

We hope we are able to assist you in honouring your coming rite of passage in a way that is meaningful and masculine enough for you and your community. By creating this  initiation for you, we sincerely hope that it empowers you to enter wholeheartedly into your new life phase of “Father” and by doing so, further support your partner in her own life-long journey into Motherhood.

Blessings on your pregnancy and pending birth,

Gypsy and Karl

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