Shameless! Fully naked dinner

WOW! Our newest women-only offering is juicy!

Check it out via

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The Deepening mixed gender circle…and a general update

Wow! I haven’t been on here for just over 2 years! Why? Because I had another bubba, without his daddy here to support me at home (though he was on the periphery, to a varying degree)! Two years on (he’s 2 years and 2 months old) things are now getting easier, and my lovely not-so-new man just said “you need to update your website”…so here I am 🙂

One of my passions, The Deepening, also fell by the wayside as I went into “survival” mode. However,  just yesterday I finally answered my community’s call, and scheduled a gathering for 29th November. Tickets and information can be found here

The last time we met and had a Family Deepening, it was soooo amazing….so many kids and mammas and pappas and well, “tribe”. How blessed we are as a community to be able to gather in this way.

Anyway, now that my son is getting bigger, work is getting easier, and I am better able to answer my Soul’s calling to this work.

I do hope you can join us,

Love and Blessings,

Gypsy and The Deepening Team


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A little update from me…

WOW! It’s been months since I last posted on here..and so much has happened! And is STILL happening.

I am pleased to say that I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy at the end of August. He’s now nearly 2 months old and an absolute delight!

Amidst the somewhat challenging pregnancy and unexpected emergency Caesar premature birth, we are still working!!! The Deepening has been running since May..and attendance and feedback has been great! We’ve had both women and men at every gathering!!! (Attached is the flyer however we are just about to schedule for 2017)

I am also still doing other work, such as assisting with some beautiful retreats in the mountains…continuing with my henna tattooing…and about to schedule some shamanic medicine drum making workshops for 2017. So we seem to have struck a balance between parenting and working with our community!

What’s in the pipeline:

  • cacao ceremonies
  • medicine drum making
  • weaving
  • The Deepening
  • ‘Whispers from the Womb’ women’s circle

If you’d like to go onto the mailing list please email me at

Blessings…and we hope to see you soon!

Gypsy xx

The Deepening

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Winter Shamanic Medicine Drum Making Workshop

Winter Shamanic Medicine Drum Making Workshop

Hello from the depths of the “almost” dark moon and Samhain!

After a lil bit of time away from website updating and instead, baby-growing (I am pregnant!), I am pleased to be writing with news of our final medicine drum making offering for 2016.

We will gather for the weekend of 11-12th June, on the beautiful Central Coast, and together, birth ourselves and our amazing winter drums into being.

This process is so incredible! I can’t even begin to explain. The drum itself is just a by-product of the delving into our hearts, minds and souls. It’s life changing!

The workshop is open to women and men and we encourage you to stay over with us the night (Saturday) and fully emerge yourself into the process.

Winter is a great time to birth a medicine drum because it will just get tighter over the summer months. Having said that, sometimes it doesn’t really matter much what season you make it in, or where, as the drum I made on country over the winter in the hot dry Kimberely (NT) works perfectly in the damp conditions of chilly Victoria!

So here’s the flyer. You know where to find me 🙂 Best to call! 0406 502 715

Blessings and gratitude,

Gypsy and Karl


Medicine Drum Making Workshop

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Medicine Drum Making Workshops

Hello beauty-ful people!

We have 2 places left on our up-coming Shamanic Medicine Drum Making Workshop on the Central Coast on February 6-7, 2016.

Here’s the link to the Fb event listing.

And here’s the flyer again

V1 Feb 2016 Medicine Drum Making Workshop sm

Enquiries and late registrations welcome as we have ordered supplies for a FULL WORKSHOP!


Gypsy 0406 502 715

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In the absence of anger…..

Hello people!

I’ve had quite a journey this past 12 months. And so many other people are too. Astrologically, we are being asked (forced!?) to let go of all that no longer serves us, to make way for the NEW!! That can be scary but also very exciting if you are prepared to surrender to what IS!

If you’d like to keep up with what is happening astrologically, I highly recommend you subscribe to Kaypacha’s newsletter, as he sends out weekly video reports in language that even I can understand! LOL Here’s the link

And if you would like to read a little about what I have been up to, check this article out. It’s my most recent piece on conscious uncoupling and letting go!

Here are a few ore photos to accompany the piece too.

Conscious Uncoupling Conscious Uncoupling


Gypsy x




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Shamanic Medicine Drum Making Workshop on the Central Coast

Ahhh……it’s a few months off yet, but as deposits hit our account and people step up for our February medicine drum making workshop, the excitement is building this end! I’m feeling that this workshop is going to be full! Yay!

The workshop is open to women and men, and will be facilitated by myself and Karl Griesberg (SOTEMS). It’s such an amazing weekend, learning about ourselves, birthing our own shamanic medicine drums, connecting on the physical and spirit realms. It is suitable for adults and teenagers.

This workshop will be at Circle of Life at East Gosford.

For further details please see the flyer below.


Gyps x

 Medicine Drum Making Workshop

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“Spiritual Practice of Menstruation” workshop

I am so so SO pleased to announce that I have finally set a date for my Central Coast based “Spiritual Practice of Menstruation” workshop. I can’t wait to share all this awesome information with you….sit in sacred space together….create ritual and ceremony…and see you all blossom!!

We cover:

  • menarche healing
  • rituals for celebrating and acknowledging our blood
  • menstrual and lunar cycles
  • daily, seasonal and life cycles
  • and whatever else comes up in Circle! (how yummy!!)

The flyer pretty much tells you all you need to know, but should you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Mobile is best: 0406 502 715



SPOM Final photo ad

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Summer Medicine Drum Making Workshop

Hi everyone,

We have decided to postpone our SPRING workshop, and instead run it in the SUMMER. It all felt a little rushed getting home from travelling and having had no time to advertise. We have taken some time to breathe!!

Here’s the updated flyer. Please feel free to make contact via the email provided on the flyer  if you have any questions etc.

Due to the timing, GIFT VOUCHERS will be available and would make fab Xmas presents!



Medicine Drum Making Workshop sm

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Home coming….

After several months off “work” and mostly “off-line”, I am home! And it feels good to sleep in my own bed, bathe in my own bath, have a toilet that flushes, AND have a washing machine 🙂 Oh the things we take for granted!

I was off creating memories for my four year old who is starting school full-time next year. We ventured all the way across Oz to Broome where we felt our feet upon the red dust of The Kimberly (my ancestral home)….then up to Darwin where I first felt her flutter in my womb….then north east to Kuranda near Cairns to run a medicine drum making workshop. I suspect we travelled 20,000 km!

Travelling over the Winter months and thus missing out on the opportunity to hibernate and rest, was challenging at times. There were many moments when I wanted to snuggle under the duvet and watch a video, but instead found myself in the harsh West Australian sun! (I know! “Poor me”!!) So to compensate, this Spring will have an element of hibernation for me, whilst we transition back to life on the East Coast, in a house with  4 walls and a roof LOL. I am being super gentle with myself as I integrate that Super Moon…some past life insights….and also wisdom gained in Sacred Circle with Blessed siStars and brothers. Big times!

I am pleased to say that my daughter grew in so many ways whilst we explored our amazing country. She learned about all sorts of animals, ate bush tucker on Country, developed a love for mud pies, and co-created priceless family memories. Here are a few of the hundreds of photographs I took on walkabout. I hope you enjoy them.


Gypsy x

Cable Beach, WA Boab, The Kimberly, WA James Price Point, The Kimberly, WA Native Flora, NT

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